Honoring Divine Feminine Energy on International Women's Day to Inspire Inclusion

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50+ women gathered at The Lola in Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate International Women's Day with shakti goddess energy over food and conversation.

For nearly 5,000 years, the Divine Feminine has been resting, waiting for us to bring her back into balance with the world and within us.

She is found in the strength of mothers and a woman standing in her truth. She is the nurturer, the healer, and the compassionate peacemaker. The Divine Feminine is inside each of us.

When we take a moment to generate gratitude, we honor her. When we share our hearts in circle and become vulnerable to our feelings and values, that is the feminine within us waking up, saying "I'm here!"

Our culture has become one of the masculine, focused on assertiveness, wealth, and goal-reaching. We live in a world that values the outcomes more than the process. 

To balance this, we must celebrate the Divine Feminine.


Goddess Gathering: The Time Is Now

On the eve of International Women's Day, Inclusivv and IT ALL Media hosted the Goddess Gathering: The Time Is Now at The Lola in Atlanta, Georgia, to honor and elevate the power of the feminine and #InspireInclusion (this year's theme for IWD 2024.)

Sponsored by Elissa Bordner, author of "The Profitable Startup," the evening promised more than just good company. Goddesses (aka our guests!) enjoyed delicious food from Elissa Russell's MenYu, beautiful decor by Dayle Bennett's Number 4 Design Studio, and a creative exercise by The Lola to turn personal dreams into physically manifested art.

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After a networking hour of lite bites and sweet tea spirits from Southern Edge Beverage Co. (thank you IT ALL Media for sponsoring the spritz!), we headed into The Lola's Lugenia Burns Hope Event Space (you can book your own event there here!) for a one-hour panel, moderated by Jenn Graham, founder and CEO of Inclusivv.


The panel brought together inspiring women leaders:

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Each woman shared insights into their journeys as female founders: how they channel their divine feminine energy, when they had their "the time is now" moment in life, and what superpower they possess.


Hear from Lisa Cunningham (she/her) on aging and healthcare:


Hear from Ciera Thompson (she/her) on the power of feelings over facts:


Hear from Han Pham (she/her) on getting more women elected in local Georgia government:


Among the powers, gratefully captured by Terra Elan McVoy, author and strategist, are:

  1. Finding value in each person. (Han Pham, Her Term)
  2. Giving people a-ha moments. (Lisa Cunningham, Black Women's Health Imperative)
  3. Storytelling and the ability to say goodbye. (Katie Mullins, IT ALL Media)
  4. Getting people to feel something. (Ciera Thompson, Look Listen Studios)
  5. Leading courageous conversations. (Jenn Graham, Inclusivv)
  6. Creating space for high-impact, meaningful connections with purpose-driven women. (Dana Xavier Dojnik, The Lola)


I Am: The Series

Guest goddesses in the room were in for a treat, too, with Katie Mullins from IT ALL Media premiering the teaser of their first film project titled, I Am: The Series.

I Am: The Series by IT ALL Media


About I Am: The Series

I AM is a 6-part series documenting real womxn’s stories navigating the tensions, complexities and impossible standards of modern womanhood.

Rooted in 3+ years of research, real women will map stories to systems, providing head-shaking, mic-dropping commentary on how we got here, and a call for hope to undo ‘it all.’

Learn more about the project, become an angel donor and watch the teaser here.


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As the panel concluded, goddesses indulged in bundt cake from Bundt-ish and gathered for an art project where personal dreams were written on cards and decorated, to be turned into physical art by The Lola team. It was a moment of empowerment, channeling the innate creativity within women.

The impact of the evening was FELT.

Women connected, shared stories, and inspired each other to embrace their uniqueness. The evening embodied the spirit of this year's International Women's Day theme, inspiring inclusion among all who attended.


Want to be at events like this?

Inclusivv's Female Founders Journey offers members access to monthly online conversations on women-related topics, learning resources, a private LinkedIn community page, and free access to in-person events while their membership is valid.

Learn more and become a member of the Female Founders Journey here.

Female Founders In Innovation Journey designed by Inclusivv


Embracing divine feminine energy

Being a female founder is a journey of discovery, both of business and self. Business really is a masculine dominated area. Most are male founded with male workers, the qualities of the masculine are celebrated. 

In workplaces where masculine energy is seen as “the way,” the feminine energy is pushed down and seen as something less than, which makes women less inclined to believe in and trust their feminine nature.

But burying the feminine aspects of personality at work piles stress, burnout and imposter syndrome on top (UC Law.)

The Goddess Gathering: The Time Is Now set out to create an evening of reconnecting with divine femininity through women circles and channeling the feminine parts of ourselves, using creativity and conversation (our powers) to communicate emotions and elevate women and women-related issues close to our hearts.

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Here are some ways you can embrace divine feminine energy:

  • Find a place in your home where you can meditate
  • Get all of your ideas, fears and thoughts out in a journal
  • Sit with a cup of tea for twenty minutes (or as many as you have)
  • Listen to your intuition (it's telling you something—listen)
  • Dance, run, yoga: anything that really grounds you in the body
  • Join monthly meaningful conversations with other women


The power of women's circles

Throughout history, women have found strength and solace in gathering together in circles. From ancient times around flickering fires, to modern-day digital groups, these circles have served as spaces for women to laugh, share, heal, and connect in community.

In the sacred space of a woman's circle (or membership), there is authenticity—a deep sense of truth and connection often missing in day-to-day life.

Here, each woman's voice is valued equally, her story honored and received without judgment. There is no hierarchy; instead, there is a shared understanding that every woman's experience is valid and worthy of respect.

Operating on values of inclusivity and empathy, women's circle harness collective power.

Want to join a women's circle?

Learn more and become a member of the Inclusivv Female Founders Journey here. Through this program, female founders come together each month for meaningful conversations, learning opportunities, and mutual support. It's a space to lean on and lift each other, fostering growth, connection, and empowerment within a supportive community of like-minded women.

Female Founders In Innovation Journey designed by Inclusivv


A note from the Inclusivv team

Today and all days, create a practice of doing something to honor the Divine Feminine within you. Sing a song. Forgive someone. Give thanks to a woman who has changed your life for the better. Do something that celebrates the infinite abundance of the feminine energy of the universe.

With love,

The Inclusivv Team

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A goddess said about the evening:


“The time is now to utilize our superpowers. And this evening I got inspired by a LOT of ladies who are telling their stories, reshaping the narrative, and using their own unique superpowers to create positive change in the world."

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