The Chattanooga Dream



Inclusivv has a history of working with cities and regions to engage and mobilize residents in innovative ways.

One of our partnerships was with the City of Chattanooga, where we brought over 300 diverse residents to the table for 2 essential conversations on economic mobility and quality of life. We opened questions about what it means to have a “good life,” what systemic inequities plague communities, and what specific solutions residents envisioned.

These conversations aimed to unlock real opportunity for all, while helping to ensure the voices of residents are reflected in city policy and decision-making.


Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke said of our initiative:


“These dinner conversations...challenged our residents to closely examine the factors that affect them personally…this feedback from residents gives us a better picture of what we are solving for and how we may remove barriers to ensure that all Chattanoogans are able to live the lives of their choosing--creating their own Chattanooga Dream.”


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