Imagine 77

In partnership with the City of Decatur and Cooper Carry



In 2018, Inclusivv was brought in to engage residents in Decatur, Georgia and DeKalb county who lived near a newly-purchased 77-acre property.

The conversation was designed in partnership with the city of Decatur leadership and architectural and design firm Cooper Carry to ensure a rich discussion that would guide the strategic goals and values of the space.

The events were an engaging and impactful way for residents to be part of the planning process while fostering a sense of community at the same time, facilitating buy-in for the residents by inviting them to the table as co-creators of their community.  

In 2019, we circled back with Decatur with our national Loveable City conversation to deepen insights on what residents love about Decatur, and how they might co-create a more lovable city in the future. 


Here’s what the client had to say about working with us:


“[Inclusivv] gave us a chance to really think outside the box. Because we weren’t having to do all the logistics around it, we had a chance to think about who was missing, and how we could reach them.”


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