Boost With Facebook



Among the many global corporations Inclusivv is proud to partner with, we are especially thrilled to work with businesses that believe in the ethos of connecting people.

We’ve had a years-long partnership with Facebook, where we’ve joined efforts with Boost with Facebook Groups to facilitate connection, community, and resilience amongst global small business networks and women founders since 2018.

During an unprecedented global crisis, we helped Facebook sophisticate their on-platform community engagement by facilitating support networks for entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our efforts saw nearly 300 events in 25 countries and close to 5000 participants around the world.


A participant said of the experience:


“Lo emocionante de la conversación es el buen ánimo, los emprendimientos y las ganas que tienen de salir adelante. // The exciting thing about the conversation was the good spirit, the entrepreneurship and the desire they have to move forward.”


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