How Strangers Became Allies In One Night Through Inclusivv Conversations

Inclusivv Happy Hour at Top Deck Bar Savannah for Connecting Through Meaningful Conversations


Strangers joined a rooftop bar event making new connections and showing how inclusive conversations can drive meaningful change.

Strangers from different organizations, industries, and stages of life, all brought together on the rooftop of Top Deck Bar in Savannah, GA. They had just wrapped up a day at SHRM Inclusion, and instead of going their separate ways, they gathered for an Inclusivv happy hour event that would change the way they thought about networking.


Amidst the clinking of glasses and laughter, Inclusivv separated everyone into three small groups. The goal was simple but powerful: to have structured conversations about topics that mattered. The groups talked about "My Role in DEI," "Psychological Safety," and "Belonging" with an open heart and mind.


It was the perfect recipe for forming new connections. Inclusivv split people apart from their friends, partners, and colleagues to engage with strangers in a way they never expected. 


The conversations went deep. People shared their perspectives, opening up about their own experiences with the chosen topics. They dreamt together about what the future could hold, discussing the actions they could take to create real, lasting change. The power of Inclusivv dialogue was truly felt.


But what made this evening truly unforgettable was the genuine human connection. There were tears, laughter, hugs, and smiles. Someone even said, "This was the best networking event I've ever been to!"


In just one evening, strangers became allies. They discovered the power of Inclusivv dialogue in creating meaningful connections and building a sense of belonging and inclusion. The event showed the potential that lies in breaking down barriers, sharing stories, and collectively working toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

SHRM Inclusion Inclusivv Conversation on Belonging

A participant said of the experience:


“Tonight was proof of the power of what [Inclusivv] does. We started this night as strangers, but are leaving with a sense of community with people we never would have expected to connect with in such a meaningful way. These conversations are so needed."


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