Learn the art of conversation

Our host training curriculum allows people leaders to learn the art of conversation and leave with the skills and confidence to host meaningful conversations internally.

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Lead conversations with confidence

The Inclusivv Host Training curriculum is designed for managers and leaders to develop the skills and confidence for leading conversations within the workplace or larger community.

Simply enroll in the course and complete the online introductory module. Then participate in an Inclusivv Conversation hosted by the Inclusivv team to understand the structure and format. Then be invited to live practice sessions, and gain access to host our public conversations with neighbors, friends and family to practice.

Organizations with at least 25 participants can upgrade to a private host training to be completed within 2 hours.


101: How-to-Host Essentials

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of the Inclusivv Conversation Framework
  • Principles of Empathy vs. Sympathy
  • How to respond with empathy
  • Inclusivv Conversation Ground Rules
  • What to look out for when leading difficult conversations
  • What to do in certain situations
  • Managing online conversations 
  • Managing in-person conversations
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Advanced Facilitation for Conversations on Polarizing Topics


5 steps to Managing Effective Large Group Conversations Online


How to Increase Engagement and Invite Diverse Voices


How to Manage a Community of Hosts and Track Engagement


Lead by example

Give your leaders the framework, mindset and tools to help build a more inclusive world.

Manage Diverse Perspectives

Develop the critical skill of managing diverse perspectives through our proven small-group format.

Psychological Safety

Learn the art of candid conversation and leverage our ground rules and essential components to produce positive, constructive dialogue.

Facilitation Practice

Learn what to look for when leading conversations on challenging topics, what to do in certain situations and how to respond or intervene.

Enhance EQ

Experience the power of peer-to-peer dialogue and understand first hand how to create psychological safety and increase empathy.


Packages and Pricing

Host trainings are available in a variety of formats to meet the various needs of learners. Simply select the host training curriculum that best suits your team.

The DIY format is asynchronous and learners are simply enrolled one at a time via their email address. They can complete the introductory modules, share their reflections, and sign-up for live group sessions to practice and ask more questions. 

The live host training is a scheduled class and participants can browse available dates and times and book a training. Most trainings are public, yet organizations with at least 25 leaders can book a private host training to customize it to their organizational needs. 

Host Training Packages

Not sure where to start?

Ready to build a conversation-driven culture where people feel empowered to share their voice, but not sure where to start? Let us help.