Learn the art of courageous conversation

Facilitating a conversation on a difficult topic can be uncomfortable. With the Inclusivv facilitator training, you'll gain the confidence, resources and skills you need to lead your own conversations.


Everyone should learn how to facilitate courageous conversations


Strengthen relationships

By facilitating conversations, you can create bonds of trust that can accelerate collective action around important issues.

Practice compassion

Gain the confidence to foster dialogue on the topics you’re passionate about, with respect and understanding.

Develop leadership skills

Strengthen your leadership skills through learning how to actively listen and engage with empathy.

Build an inclusive culture

Build a more inclusive culture by creating brave spaces for authenticity and vulnerability.

Included in the Package

Facilitation Training

Join a 60-minute training and learn the principles and practices of Inclusivv facilitation and empathetic leadership.

Peer Support

Attend monthly “Ask Me Anything” sessions for you to learn and share tips for facilitating courageous conversations with other trainees.

Practice Facilitation

Gain access to the Inclusion and Belonging Membership Journey to put what you learned into practice.

Technical Training

Learn how to leverage the Inclusivv platform and optimize the hosting experience for both online and in-person conversations.

Package Pricing

Individual Facilitator Training


for a 12-month training program

Learn the art of facilitating courageous conversations from an expert Inclusivv host and gain access to the content and tools to practice leading your own.

Private Group Facilitator Training


for a one-time private group training

Build the confidence and skills of the leaders in your organization to scale the facilitation of courageous conversations. 


Lead by example

Give your leaders the framework, mindset and tools to help build a more inclusive world.

Manage Diverse Perspectives

Develop the critical skill of managing diverse perspectives through our proven small-group format.

Psychological Safety

Learn the art of candid conversation and leverage our ground rules and essential components to produce positive, constructive dialogue.

Facilitation Practice

Learn what to look for when leading conversations on challenging topics, what to do in certain situations and how to respond or intervene.

Enhance EQ

Experience the power of peer-to-peer dialogue and understand first hand how to create psychological safety and increase empathy.

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