It's time to foster civility in the workplace.

Learn the essential skills and mindsets required to foster civility at work.

The cost of incivility is high.

Lack of civility has reached a crisis level. In fact, a recent SHRM survey found that 66% of U.S. workers have experienced incivility in the workplace. And the cost of incivility is high:

    • Lower employee well-being
    • Decline in culture and overall morale
    • High turnover and "quiet quitting"
    • Deliberate decreases in productivity

And it's not only impacting employees. It's impacting customer relations and brand perception. A shocking 40% of customers who witness other customers being uncivil to employees question whether they want to do business with that company again.

Therefore, it's imperative that people leaders, middle managers and customer-facing employees learn the art of civil conversation.

Civil Dialogue and Discourse
The Essential Skills of Civil Conversations

Each training is hosted privately for an organization to respect confidentiality and provide a brave space for sharing and practicing these essential skills.

Civility Training


In this live, online training, Inclusivv will deliver a one-hour training titled: "Essential Skills for Fostering Civil Conversations at Work"

  • Live online training (in-person available for an additional cost)
  • Gain techniques for compassionate communication
  • Learn strategies to de-escalate conflicts
  • Understand methods for creating psychological safety and brave spaces

Civility Workshop


This workshop combines a 30-minute civil conversation training with a 60-minute conversation on a topic of your choice from our Civility Series.

  • Live online training and facilitated conversation (in-person available for an additional cost)
  • Gain essential communication skills from our training
  • Participate in a conversation on chosen civility topic
  • Learn practical strategies for implementing civility in the workplace

Common Ground Workshop

The Common Ground Workshop is rooted in the concept of bridging – imagining a larger, more inclusive "we." Bridging invites us to engage in healthy dialogue, deep listening, and acknowledging our shared humanity. When we bridge, we not only open up to others but also to change within ourselves, actively participating in creating a community built on belonging.

What's included in this private Civility Workshop:

1. 30-Minute Civil Discourse and Dialogue Training:

    • Understand the principles of civil discourse
    • Learn empathetic communication strategies
    • Cultivate active listening skills

2. 60-Minute Guided Conversation on Common Ground:

    • Explore shared values and experiences
    • Navigate differences through open dialogue
    • Foster connections that bridge divides

Training that makes a lasting impact


Improved communication and listening skills


Increased empathy for the lived experiences of others


Awareness of conflict triggers and de-escalation techniques


Strengthened interpersonal relationships


Decreased reactivity in emotionally charged spaces


Understanding and managing emotions of others better

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