Everything you need to lead meaningful conversations 

Inclusivv Content Subscription gives you access to conversation guides, curated learning resources, and facilitation training so you can bring people together for conversations that matter.


Conversation Content Package

With Inclusivv Content Subscription, you can save valuable time and effort. We understand that researching topics and designing questions for meaningful conversations takes a lot of time and effort.

That's why we provide you with everything you need, including access to well-researched, powerful conversation guides and curated topic resources for deeper learning.


Facilitation Training

Knowing how to create the right space for meaningful conversations can feel overwhelming. That's why our subscription includes facilitation training to equip you with the skills you need to create brave spaces while hosting conversations either in-person or online.

Train one person, or train all your people leaders. The skills you gain can be easily taught to anyone who wants to learn how to hold space for diverse perspectives in a respectful manner.

Inclusivv Content Subscription

Engagement Best Practices

Engaging employees can be a challenge, but with Inclusivv, it doesn't have to be. Our subscription not only provides the content and training you need, but also our 5 Best Practices for Engaging Employees in Courageous Conversations guide that contains our learnings from helping organizations lead conversations over the past seven years.

You'll also receive other helpful playbooks with strategies around incentives, rollout plans, and more, so you have all the support you need to get started engaging your team.

See What's Included In Each Topic Content Package

Download the complete overview of what's included in each topic content package.

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Explore All Content Packages

Conversations can truly change a culture, if they aren't in isolation. Here are a few of our most popular topics packaged in bundles that include facilitation training and engagement tips.  

Four-Topic Content Packages

Best for small and large organizations looking to engage different departments and teams on a quarterly basis.


Pride Package: Celebrating Pride, LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Beyond the Binary and Allyship.

Pride Package

The Pride Package offers a year of access to four topics centered around pride, empowering your team with LGBTQ+ awareness and inclusivity.

Women In Leadership Package: Guts & Grace, Working Moms, Equity for Women, and The Voice of Women.

Women In Leadership Package

Elevate your team's leadership skills with the Women In Leadership Package, offering year-long access to four topics focused on empowering women leaders.

Mental Health & Well-Being Package: Mental Health, Psychological Safety, Grief & Gratitude, and Nurturing Workplaces.

Mental Health & Well-Being Package

Prioritize your team's well-being with the Mental Health & Well-Being Package, granting a year of access to four topics for promoting mental wellness.

Cultural Heritage Package: Heritage, Latinx Heritage, Black Heritage, and AAPI Heritage.

Cultural Heritage Package

The Cultural Heritage Package offers a year of access to four topics celebrating heritage, fostering cultural diversity and awareness within your team.

Custom Four-Topic Package

Custom Four-Topic Content Package

Create a tailored experience with the Custom Four-Topic Package, granting you a year of access to four topics of your choice from our conversation catalogue.

Six-Topic Content Packages

Best for integrating into existing leadership development programs to enable peer-to-peer learning.

Meaningful Connections Package: Belonging, Cheers & Check-Ins, Psychological Safety, Nurturing Workplaces, Culture & Community, and Reflect & Refresh.

Meaningful Connections Package

With the Meaningful Connections Package, you'll enjoy a year of access to six topics that help your team foster deeper and more meaningful connections.

Sustainability Package: Sustainable Consumption, Climate Change, The Future of Energy, Environmental Justice, and Eating Sustainably.

Climate Action Package

The Climate Action Package offers a year of access to six topics focused on sustainability, perfect for involving your team in eco-conscious initiatives.

Custom Six-Topic Package

Custom Six-Topic Content Package

Our Custom Six-Topic Package lets you select from our conversation catalogue, granting your team a year of access to topics tailored to your needs.

Twelve-Topic Content Packages

Best for providing ERGs and BRGs the content and resources they need for impactful programming.

Inclusion & Belonging Journey Package: Belonging, The Voice of Women, Unconscious Bias, Mental Health, Allyship, Disability, and Intersectionality.

Inclusion & Belonging Journey Package

With the Inclusion & Belonging Journey Package, you'll enjoy a year of access to twelve topics designed to create an inclusive culture, perfect for monthly engagement.

Inclusive Leadership Journey Package: Intersectionality, Psychological Safety, Common Ground, Working Parents, Allyship, and Microaggressions.

Inclusive Leadership Journey Package

Elevate your team's leadership skills with the Inclusive Leadership Journey Package, granting you a year of access to twelve topics focused on empowering inclusive leaders.

Custom Twelve-Topic Package

Custom Twelve-Topic Content Package

Tailor your team's learning experience with the Custom Twelve-Topic Package, providing you a year of access to twelve topics of your choice from our conversation catalogue.

Full Library Content Package

Best for DEI and People leaders who need on-demand content, so all bases are covered.

Full Library Content Package

Full Library Package

With our Full Library Package, you'll enjoy a year of access to our entire conversation library, including any new conversations we create during that year.

  • Facilitation Training
  • 50+ Conversation Guides
  • Engagement Package
  • All Learning Resources and Actions
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Align new team members around core values and behaviors


Deepen awareness and understanding of DEI topics


Strengthen connection to organizational values and purpose


Increase the informal bonds and relationships across teams

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