Create meaningful connection through courageous conversations

Below are three ways you can get started on creating more room for dialogue.

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Our approach to meaningful engagement



Our approach helps guide participants with content that connects the heart and mind to the issue.


Our conversation model encourages respectful dialogue, leading to deeper understanding and a stronger sense of community. 


Personal empowerment is embedded in our platform, so participants can choose what role they want to play in building the vision they helped create.


Recommended actions and automated follow-ups give participants the tools they need to implement necessary changes.

Three ways individuals can build community
and expand their perspectives


Join the Inclusivv Community


Attend a Public Conversation


Host Your Own Conversation

It's more important than ever to create a sense of community within the workplace

What's needed is less monologue...

Employees and customers are demanding that their brands and communities take a stand on social and environmental issues in a meaningful way. It's not enough to host a town hall or send a message from the CEO. People want to feel heard. And leaders need to listen more intentionally.

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And more dialogue

But people leaders don't have the tools or resources to lead conversations on these difficult topics, and there is a lot of fear in not knowing where to start, what to say, or how to make sure everyone feels heard. This can be frustrating for leaders, especially as employees are craving authentic engagement on important topics. We believe it should be easier to have everyone engaged in dialogue.

The value of a great conversation is universal

Our model is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of businesses, community organizations, universities and individuals.



Build connection among employees and customers by creating brave spaces for peer-to-peer learning.

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Cities and Regions

Build community and facilitate culture change through structured conversations.

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Engage alumni, students and staff in conversation on the topics of highest concern to your institution.

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Three ways organizations can
build community and create inclusive cultures


Offer space for meaningful conversation 

Great for teams who want to experience the power of meaningful dialogue either together or via our monthly membership.


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Invite everyone to play a role in building culture

Inclusivv can host conversations both in person and online for organizations that help improve belonging and inclusion.


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Equip your leaders with Content and Facilitator Training

It's time to ensure your leaders feel confident leading conversations internally, and feel equipped with the content and tools to be effective.


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Beginner's Guide

Start the conversation

The hardest part is getting started. Download our Beginner’s Guide to Tough Conversations to get on the right track.


Feel confident discussing uncomfortable topics 

Inclusivv has a library of more than 50 topics that have been researched and designed for a variety of intentions — from building trust and empathy to generating solutions to systemic challenges. Our proprietary content and technology provide leaders with exactly what to do, how to facilitate and how to create a positive experience for all.

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Multiply yourself with a click of a button 

For companies with hundreds and thousands of employees, it's nearly impossible to really hear everyone's voice. That's why we built a platform that makes it easy to scale small-group structured conversations both in-person and online. Our peer-to-peer learning platform provides the opportunity to reflect on content, share personal stories, connect with others and commit to action.


Data to prove the power of conversations 

We understand how much it means to your employees when you create spaces for them to connect across differences. But how do you measure that and know how conversations contribute to a higher sense of belonging, deeper understanding and greater trust among team members? We track both quantitative and qualitative data from participation, adoption, engagement, trust and connection.


Are you ready to experience the magic of an Inclusivv conversation?