Become a more empathetic and inclusive leader 

Our Inclusive Leadership Journey provides you with monthly resources, trainings and conversations to develop leadership skills that foster an inclusive culture, every third Thursday each month.

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Why leaders love it

Build stronger relationships

By learning to show empathy and understanding, leaders can earn trust and build better relationships with their team members.

Improve communication

By learning to listen actively and respond with empathy, leaders can improve their ability to communicate effectively with team members on tough topics.

Create a more inclusive culture

By listening to and valuing the diverse perspectives of all team members, leaders can promote a culture of inclusivity where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Increase emotional intelligence

By developing emotional intelligence, leaders can better understand and manage emotions, which helps with responding to team members' needs and concerns.

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Why The Inclusive Leadership Journey?

Find out why leaders in HR, DEI, People, Culture and Employee Experience love this 12-month learning journey.

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Conversation on the topic of Intersectionality, hosted by Inclusivv as part of their Inclusive Leadership Journey.

How it works

Once you've signed up, whether it's just for yourself, your team, or your whole company, you'll be able to access all 12 topics of The Inclusive Leadership Journey.

As a registered member, you'll receive curated learning resources every month, giving you a comprehensive understanding of each topic through readings, videos, and audio content.

Each month, you'll be invited to attend a 30-minute training session followed by a 60-minute guided conversation, expertly hosted by Inclusivv. These sessions will empower you to have courageous discussions on important issues with confidence.

After each session, you'll have the chance to connect with fellow members, reflect on your learnings, take actions that matter to you, and secure your spot for the next session to keep your growth momentum going.

Oh, and for our amazing team admins out there, we've got something extra cool for you! Access your private Team Dashboard, where keeping track of everyone's activities—from registrations and attendance to actions and reflections—is a breeze! And wait, there's more! With quarterly collective insights at your fingertips, reporting becomes a piece of cake.

Inclusivv Conversation Platform

Topics in The Inclusive Leadership Journey


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Inclusive Leadership

A conversation about inclusive leadership and what we can do to champion it in our organizations.



Understanding Race

How has race shaped our society, past and present? And how can we come together to build a more just future together?



Guts & Grace

A conversation exploring how we can uplift both guts and grace in leadership.


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A conversation about intersectionality. What it is, and how it affects our lives and affects others.



Psychological Safety

A conversation about psychological safety in the workplace, why we need it and how we create it.



LGBTQ+ Inclusion

A conversation about how we can come together to champion true LGBTQ+ inclusion.


Common Ground Icon (1)

Common Ground

A conversation to examine our views and what shaped them, as we go in search of common ground.


Working Parents Icon (1)-1

Working Parents

A conversation exploring the challenges working parents and caregivers face, and how we can help them thrive.




A conversation about microaggressions and how we can counter them to create a more inclusive world.


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What is an ally? Why do we need them? And how can allies help build a more inclusive culture?


Power and Privilege icon color

Power & Privilege

A conversation about power and privilege, and how these forces impact our lives.


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Unconscious Bias

A conversation about bias in the workplace, and how together we can help counteract bias and level the playing field.

5 Reasons Why

1. Inclusion is the future
Take the lead, or be left behind.

2. Inclusion is the right thing to do
Everyone deserves to feel a sense of belonging.

3. Inclusion begins at the top
What leaders say and do can make up to 70% difference as to whether or not employees feel included.


4. Inclusive leadership drives performance
Research shows that teams with inclusive leaders are:

  • 17% more likely to report that they are high-performing
  • 20% more likely to say they make high-quality decisions
  • 29% more likely to report behaving collaboratively

5. Inclusive companies have the edge
There’s a growing body of evidence to show that inclusive organizations are outperforming their less inclusive peers.

“What I love about this inclusion journey for leaders is that it goes beyond the traditional unconscious bias training and dives into more challenging topics like microaggressions and the LGBTQ+ community."

“The structure of our learning session allows everyone to learn together and share their personal experiences, thoughts, etc. This is a psychologically safe space!"

Want to build your own private journey?

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