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"Shared dialogue is one of the best tools we have for creating inclusion. By giving everyone a voice, we build belonging while fostering empathy and social cohesion."

— The World Economic Forum —

Our scalable platform is designed for everyone

The power of structured conversation is applicable to organizations and communities of any size.
For Businesses

Conscious Companies


Inclusivv helps large and small companies build empathy, connection and belonging through meaningful dialogue.

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For Governments and Nonprofits

Local Communities


Inclusivv helps cities, regions, governments, NGOs and nonprofits create more inclusive communities.


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For Colleges and Universities

Educational Institutions


Inclusivv helps schools, colleges and universities create more inclusive peer-to-peer learning environments.


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For Individuals and Teams

Individuals and Teams


Inclusivv helps individuals and small teams increase empathy and expand their perspectives.


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The Beginner's Guide to Courageous Conversations in the Workplace

Building truly inclusive workplaces requires us to come together for conversations that matter.

JUNE 2022 INSTA (18)

SEO-AgeandInclusion-01Age and Inclusion

Join us for a conversation exploring the value all ages bring to the table.

Thursday August 18 @ 12—1:30 EDT

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SEO - Sustainable Consumption-01Sustainable Consumption

Join us for a conversation about conscious consumption in a climate crisis, and the benefits of more sustainable living.

Thursday August 18 @ 12—1:30 EDT

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Featured Series

Better Workplaces

Essential conversations to create happier, healthier, more inclusive workplaces.


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Health and Well-Being

Conversations on health and well-being at work and in the community.

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Essential conversations on climate change and how we can come together to create a more sustainable world.

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Team Building


Essential conversations for building better, stronger, innovative and cohesive teams.

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"Partnering with Inclusivv and bringing their experience allowed us to host an event for our own Coca-Cola associates that was both structured and allowed for vulnerability."

— Alex Ebanks  Senior Manager, Brand & Business Communications, Coca-Cola        


Structured Conversations

Choose topics to host within your organization from our complete library of 50+ conversation topics spanning from diversity, equity and inclusion to mental health, well-being and sustainability. 

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Host Training

Our host training enables leadership development, teaching the principles of empathetic leadership, active listening, and productive facilitation to ensure conversations internally are safe, and that hosts feel confident.


Private Series

Global brands trust Inclusivv to host powerful experiences online for up to 500 participants at a time using Zoom breakout rooms to manage small-group conversations.

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Scalable Technology

Engage every voice in peer-to-peer dialogue, both online and in person. Our learning platform provides the opportunity to reflect, share personal stories, connect with others and take action.



Easily enroll team members into a monthly series of 90-minute conversations hosted by Inclusivv. Track participation and feedback with the Membership for Businesses.


Introducing the Georgia Family and Child Well-Being Series

If you’re a parent, friend, family member, professional, volunteer or anyone concerned about keeping children safe and helping families thrive, please join us for any or all of these conversations.

This series of 6 topics are free and available to the public to host or attend.      

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