Civility Package

Four conversations helping leaders and their teams create peaceful, caring workplaces.

Civility at work starts with safety and trust for everyone

That’s why we developed the Civility Package—a group of conversations focused on respect, kindness, and understanding at work.

This content package is for leaders who want to create peaceful, caring workplaces. These conversations explore how to promote civility, encourage empathy, resolve conflicts, and build a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Inclusion and Belonging Starter Package

Conversation Topics in the Civility Package



A conversation about trust, and how teams can create and maintain it.

Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety

A conversation about psychological safety in the workplace, why we need it and how we create it.


Caring Culture

A conversation about choosing repair over revenge, being present with feelings, and focusing on our actions in communication.

Common Ground Topic Icon

Common Ground

A conversation to examine our views and what shaped them, as we go in search of common ground. 


Everything you need to lead meaningful conversations

1. Meaningful Conversation Topic Guides (4 guides)
Our Conversation Guides have been well-researched, piloted, and proven to be powerful experiences that can be held in 60 or 90 minutes, both in person and online. With our award-winning structure and content, these guides will help you have informative and impactful conversations about topics that are important to you.

2. Essential Skills for Fostering Civil Conversations at Work live training (60 minutes)
Everyone can participate in our live 60-minute training, Essential Skills for Fostering Civil Conversations at Work, to build trust, respect, and common ground within your team.

Learn how to create psychological safety, brave spaces, de-escalate conflict, and practice compassionate communication. These skills will help your team navigate diverse perspectives in a respectful and constructive manner.

common ground
Best Practices for Employee Engagement and Implementation

3. Best Practices for Employee Engagement & Implementation
With Inclusivv Content Subscription, you receive the learnings we've gained from helping organizations and communities lead conversations over the past seven years.

Get access to our 5 Best Practices for Engaging Employees in Meaningful Conversations guide, as well as a sample rollout plan and access to our library of knowledge-based articles to assist you on your journey.

Civility Package Pricing

We offer inclusive and accessible pricing, so we can provide everyone a powerful experience.

Civility Series Package


$15,000 / year

Get one-year access to our Civility Package and start facilitating conversations with your team that build trust, understanding, and common ground.

  • Conversations Self-Hosted by Your Team
  • 1-Hour Inclusivv Training: Essential Skills for Fostering Civil Conversations at Work
  • 4 Conversation Guides (one for each topic)
  • Access to Additional Inclusivv Facilitation Trainings
  • Learning Resources and Actions (for each topic)
  • Optional Add-On: Inclusivv facilitates the conversations for you (in-person or online)
Bring these conversations to your organization or community

Want to learn more? Talk to one of our conversation experts today to find out more about this package and how you can bring your people together for powerful dialogue.

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