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Join us for the Atlanta film screening of SHOW HER THE MONEY in Atlanta at the Plaza Theatre on May 22, 2024.

Join female founders, investors and ecosystem builders for a film screening of this award-winning documentary. 

Topics in the Female Founders Journey


Self Understanding - Color

Self Understanding

A conversation exploring your relation to self and the impact this relationship has on your personal and business growth.


Relationships - Color


A conversation exploring how building and nurturing connections contributes to business success.


Authenticity - Color


A conversation about how being true to your authentic self impacts business and personal growth.


Communication - Color


A conversation exploring communication skills and how they shape personal and professional life.


Mental Wellness - Color

Mental Wellness

A conversation about the importance of maintaining mental wellness while pursuing business goals.


Growth - Color


A conversation exploring growth strategies from scaling a business to personal development.


Emotions - Color-1


A conversation exploring the emotional challenges faced by entrepreneurs and how to manage them.


Abundance - Color


A conversation exploring an abundance mindset and its connection to success for female founders.


Money - Color


A conversation about money management and the financial challenges faced by female founders.


Leadership - Color


A conversation exploring different leadership qualities and styles among women in business.


Big Rocks_Big Rocks - Green

Big Rocks

A conversation about prioritizing the most important things in life and business, focusing on what truly matters.


Acceptance - Color


A conversation exploring the importance of acceptance for yourself and others.


A Community and Curriculum Designed for Female Founders

Our Female Founders Journey is a year-round journey built on 12 core themes curated by our content experts with decades of experience in coaching and supporting female entrepreneurs.

Meet Chantel Cohen, a female founder and licensed therapist that blends therapy with leadership coaching for female entrepreneurs. Chantel is passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs of color to create the lives they always imagined for themselves.

And meet Jenn Graham, founder and CEO of Inclusivv, known for bringing other female founders together for conversations that matter. Since starting Inclusivv in Atlanta, GA, Jenn has built a content library and a digital platform that has already enabled tens of thousands of people to gather for meaningful conversations around the world.

Female Founders in Innovation Journey Co-Creators: Chantel Cohen and Jenn Graham

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