Create spaces where people can connect across differences

Activate community members and leaders with Inclusivv conversations for cities and regions.

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Create Brave Spaces

Create space online and in-person for residents, leaders and stakeholders to talk about important topics.


Engage Diverse Voices

Allow everyone to feel heard by following a structured conversation guide and allowing equal time to share with one voice at a time.


Build Trust & Community

Build meaningful connections across differences, no matter how big or small, and reignite residents’ passion for their region’s vision.


Co-Create a Better Future

Activate the collective intelligence of the entire city and discover solutions to our greatest challenges and opportunities.

Hear only the loudest – or hear them all

Cities are changing how they engage residents, resulting in more inclusive government that serves all residents.


According to Deloitte’s 2021 Report on Government Trends, the equitable distribution of public goods can greatly impact economic success on an individual and city-wide level. Cities have a critical role to play in using policy tools to provide equitable access to public goods. How are you making sure your policies are equitable?


According to our Lovable Cities National Report, the top aspects that residents love about their cities is the diversity of residents and sense of community. Additionally, governments focused on moving their citizens up the “ladder of participation” toward large-scale involvement in decision making, increases civic trust, enhances community and leads to innovative ideas.


Processes and policies rooted in equity and informed by residents have the power to reduce the systemic barriers faced by historically marginalized groups. Leading cities ensure real dialogue through conversation that amplifies every voice, not only the loudest ones, to inform key decisions and policy.

It's more important than ever for civic leaders to listen and make sure everyone feels heard

What's needed is less monologue...

Traditional town halls and pre-set meetings only allow the few, loudest voices to be heard. 

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And more dialogue

Civic leaders have an opportunity to create the sense of community that residents crave and policy that reflects the voice of all, through conversation on difficult topics. But knowing where to start, what to say, and how to ensure all are heard is the hardest part. This can be frustrating and paralyzing for leaders, especially as they are under pressure to fully engage their communities. We believe it should be easier.


Inclusivv makes it easy to scale meaningful conversations

Inclusivv gives civic leaders and city managers a way to confidently engage local residents and constituents in small-group structured conversations, both in-person and online, on challenging and important topics.


Feel confident discussing important topics within your community

Inclusivv has a library of more than 50 topics that have been researched and designed for a variety of intentions — from building trust and empathy to generating solutions to systemic challenges. Our proprietary content and technology provide leaders with exactly what to do, how to facilitate and how to create a positive experience for all. 


Multiply yourself with a click of a button

For regions with thousands to millions of residents, it's nearly impossible to really hear everyone's voice. That's why we built a platform that makes it easy to scale small-group structured conversations both in-person and online. Our peer-to-peer learning platform provides the opportunity to reflect on content, share personal stories, connect with others and commit to action.


Data to prove the power of conversations

We understand how much it means to your employees when you create spaces for them to connect across differences. But how do you measure that and know how conversations contribute to a higher sense of belonging, deeper understanding and greater trust among residents and civic leaders? We track both quantitative and qualitative data from participation, adoption, engagement, trust and connection.

Top reasons why civic leaders work with Inclusivv


Strong Civic Infrastructure

We help civic leaders build community by providing tools that make it easy and fun to engage neighbors and leaders in civic issues.


Capture Collective Insights

Allow everyone to feel heard by following a structured conversation guide and allowing equal time to share with one voice at a time.


Save Time & Resources

Help your city build meaningful connections across differences, and reignite their passion for your area's vision.

It's time to be Inclusivv

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start.


Let's co-create a plan based on your needs

Schedule a time to talk with a conversation consultant at Inclusivv. We'll ask you questions, assess your needs and build a plan together. 

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Build buy-in through stakeholder participation

Gain internal buy-in within your civic leadership team by inviting key decision-makers to experience an Inclusivv Conversation. You can either purchase individual access to community conversations with the Professional Membership, or purchase a one-time hosted event for a private experience.


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Gather feedback and commit to an annual plan

We know this work is more than just a one-time event and certainly not meant to be a "check the box" kind of engagement. It's a journey. And therefore, we want to help you build this work into your annual plan. Once you've brought others along with you to experience the magic, together you decide on the path that makes the most sense.


Begin the journey and witness transformation

Once you've selected your journey, we'll help guide you every step of the way, from easy onboarding to host training, admin training, access to all best practices and resources, and of course host and guest support 24/7. Expect to be hosting your first conversations within 30 days of a signed contract. Then you can stop worrying and start imagining how much your residents will thank you for creating this space for meaningful conversation.

3 ways to keep the conversation alive

  Find a plan that works for where you are on your engagement journey, and let us grow with you.




Sign up your region for unlimited access to conversations hosted by Inclusivv. Great for leaders or teams, and monthly or annual group memberships start at 25 seats. 



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Host an Event

Give your local residents, employees or partners an experience to remember by having Inclusivv host a conversation online. You choose the topic, the date and time. You bring the guests, we do the rest.


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Full Access

Build your own program and run your own structured conversation programs using our platform, analytics, event management and ability to self-organize.



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The hardest part is knowing where to start. Let us help!

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