How Showpad Increased Employees’ Sense of Belonging — and Why It Matters

What’s the true secret to business success? Belonging.

Studies show that a high sense of belonging leads to a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% reduction in turnover risk, and a 75% decrease in employee sick days.

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“We wanted to make sure everyone was heard and could learn from each other — we were all amazed after the conversations! And the facilitator guides were super-useful in helping hosts feel prepared.”

Maciej Doskocz
Showpad Learning and Development Manager


To build a stronger sense of belonging across their teams, sales enablement software company Showpad partnered with Inclusivv to engage their employees in structured, meaningful conversations on topics from Allyship to Mental Health.

With buy-in from their global CEO, Showpad kicked off the program through a company-wide summit of all people leaders. Showpadders hosted both online and in-person conversations with employees from various ethnicities, cultures and time zones. Held in groups of 6–8 people, these conversations complemented Showpad’s DEI strategy while giving individual employees a chance to be heard on the topics that matter to them. As a result of these Inclusivv conversations, Showpadders reported a 10% increase in belonging at work!

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“The Inclusivv conversations have been so educational and empowering. I recommend everyone trying to take part in these very moving conversations to better yourself and to bridge a connection between you and your peers at Showpad.”

— Conversation Participant from Showpad

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