Conversations on race and racism, for organizations that want
to help us achieve our greatest potential together.

Have we come a long way? Or are we just getting started?

This series on race provides a platform to discuss topics that often divide us, in ways that help foster understanding, empathy and allyship.

Race and racism are tricky topics to navigate. But that doesn’t make them any less crucial to address. By creating the safe space to acknowledge, share and learn in these critical conversations, we advance further along the path to justice. This series is for organizations who want to bridge the divide and help us achieve our greatest potential together.


Topics in This Series

Justice Black Americans icon (1)

Justice for Black Americans

A conversation about the injustices Black people face in America, and how we must come together to ensure justice for all.


Understanding Race

How has race shaped our nation, past and present? And how can we come together to build a more just future together?


Unconscious Bias

A conversation about bias in society, and how together we can help counteract bias and level the playing field.



A conversation about microaggressions, how to identify them and how to combat them.


Teaching Race: The CRT Debate

A conversation about how we teach kids about race in America.


Power and Privilege

A conversation about power, privilege and what they mean to us.


Seeing Color

Colorblind or color conscious? A conversation on how we view the concept of race and why it matters.


Bridging the Racial Divide

In partnership with The King Center, a courageous conversation about how we can come together to bridge the racial divide and build the Beloved Community.


Equity for Black Americans

A conversation about the systemic barriers facing Black Americans and what it will take to achieve true equity for all.

Racial Equity-icon-NEW-1

Racial Equity

A conversation about the systemic barriers facing people of color, and what it will take to achieve true equity for all.


Reckoning With Racial Injustice

A conversation about racial injustice in America, and how we must come together to ensure justice for all.


5 Reasons Why

1. The subject of race isn’t going anywhere
Racial justice didn’t just become an urgent issue this decade. It’s just that now, the world can no longer look away. For every person and every organization, prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion isn’t just a new way forward. It’s the way.

2. Social issues matter to your people
Nearly 40% of employees said they would likely quit their jobs if their company did not prioritize addressing social or racial injustice. 70% of employees would be willing to recommend their employer if they prioritized these issues and made them a part of its corporate culture.

3. Diversity and inclusion lead to success. Period.

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4. People expect more from leadership
66% of employees said CEOs should take the lead on change rather than waiting for the government to impose change on them. 80% of U.S. employees believe it is the responsibility of company leaders to take action in addressing racial justice and equity issues.

5. “Be the change” isn’t just a cool wall hanging
People want to make the world better, and they want to be part of an organization that does the same. Show your company’s commitment through authentic employee engagement around the critical issues that affect us all.

"Complex issues are really brought down to a level that any individual can relate to. That shows the thoughtfulness that [Inclusivv] put into creating these experiences.”

"Our goal was always to make a difference... and so, seeing the 90% statistic around people wanting to take action and do something following the event, it was impressive and truly made us feel like we were doing something."

"[Inclusivv] enabled us to reach and engage with sectors of the regional community we had little or no previous relationships with."

Bring these conversations to your organization or community

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