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Our membership brings people together for courageous conversations in an inclusive format that builds connection and sparks behavior change.

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Why people love it

New connections

Members connect with other Inclusivv members outside of their organization which is great for mentorship and networking.

New perspectives

Members get access to 12 topics per year with some special guest speakers that are experts on the subject matter.

Flexible learning

Members are sent curated resources each month such as articles and videos to review on their own time.

Dedicated time

Making time for conversation where everyone feels heard and valued for their perspectives and stories.

Why employers love it

Continuous learning

Members receive monthly curated resources on each topic and invitations to join conversations.

Easy to enroll

DEI leaders have enough on their plate. Let Inclusivv do all the work and simply upload a list of emails.


The membership is currently just $60 per member per year, paid annually.

Data & insights

Our quarterly reports showcase engagement and overall activity to make ROI reporting easy.

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Individual Membership Pricing

Individual Membership

 $120 / year

Engage in monthly courageous conversations within a community and expand your perspective.

Team Membership Pricing

5 Seats


Enroll up to 5 team members


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10 Seats


Enroll up to 10 team members


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25 Seats


Enroll up to 25 team members


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100 Seats


Enroll up to 100 team members


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How it works

Once you sign up yourself, your team or your whole company, you'll be able to access all 12 topics as part of the Inclusion and Belonging Journey.

All registered members receive curated learning resources each month a on specific topic and an invitation to attend an online conversation hosted by Inclusivv.

Each month members can join a 60-minute or 90-minute online experience where they'll engage in dialogue in small groups and leave with new perspectives, connections and actions. 

After each conversation members will have the opportunity to connect with others, reflect on learnings, commit to actions, and register for the next conversation.

Team admins have backend access to view activity by individual including registration, attendance, actions and reflections. Collective insights are provided quarterly and always accessible.

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Topics in the Inclusion and Belonging Journey




A conversation about belonging, and how we can come together to create a more welcoming world for all.



Bridging the Racial Divide

A conversation about how we can come together to bridge the racial divide and build the Beloved Community.



The Voice of Women

A conversation exploring women’s rights, power and equality.



Unconscious Bias

A conversation about bias in society, and how together we can help counteract bias and level the playing field.



Mental Health

A conversation about mental health and how we break the silence.



LGBTQ+ Inclusion

A conversation about how we can come together to champion true LGBTQ+ inclusion.




What is an ally? Why do we need them? And how can allies help build a more inclusive culture?



Age and Inclusion

A conversation exploring the value all ages bring to the table. 




A conversation celebrating heritage, and how our differences enrich our communities.




A conversation about disability and how we can work together to create a more inclusive and accessible world.




A conversation about intersectionality. What it is, and how it affects our lives and affects others.



Inclusive Culture

A conversation about how we can come together to celebrate our diversity and create a truly inclusive America.

What Inclusivv Members are saying


“This is a good method for awareness and an opportunity to open your heart and raise your opinion.”

“Thought-provoking conversation that showed the power of behavior change comes from being agents of change ourselves.”

“This was a very powerful experience and I'm grateful to Goodwill for providing this opportunity."


Let's Connect

Let's find a time to connect and create a plan that works best for your organization.

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Want to build your own private journey?

The Inclusivv platform is highly flexible and we can work with you to design a custom journey specifically for your organization. Let's connect.